. . . About Bon's Mots


"Bonnie has been instrumental in helping me. She has given me a huge sense of security and trust with minimal effort on my side, and in return I have gotten maximum results. I couldn’t have built my company without her and will continue to have her assist me. Not only is she a pleasure to work with, she is invaluable!!"


Nancy Collins
Sassy Golf




"Bonnie, smokin' job. You may have just become my favorite vendor!! Quality work with delivery as promised. Why can't others understand such a simple business model?? ... This is a fabulous beginning."


Shift! Marketing


"You ROCK — REALLY! Without you, what I wanted to do for this project NEVER would have happened. Thank you so very much for your genuine caring, level of detail, input, and sense of humor. I will seek out opportunities in the future so that we may continue to produce well-thought-out, well-designed, intelligently copy-written web sites."


Project Manager


"When you want to find the right words, think two: Bon's Mots. Truly gifted with a pen (or word processor, for that matter), Bonnie can wordsmith with the best. She has the unique ability to make even the most complicated business easily understood, no matter the medium — Web site copy, press release, corporate brochure, you name it. Plus, she's my right hand when I need an editor. And I have yet to stump her with a grammar question."


Jen Lester
Philosophy Communication


"Bonnie is an exceptional writer who captures the true essence of any company. Her work is intelligent and concise, and we recommend her to all our clients."


Graphic Designer


"Your written language skills are superb. I especially valued your ability to convey the most salient aspects of my experience and personality on my website. That required not only ability in written language but also insight and creativity. "


Judith F. Tartaglia, JD 


"As is always the case, your work is exceptional and really captures the usefulness of the application."


Director, Data Management


“The story looks great. … I like your voice, the lead is strong, and the details are perfect for our readership. ”


DU Law School Alumni Magazine


"What a delightful piece of writing! ... It is an excellent technical example of writing, and quite clever use of language.... I am delighted with the title and the phrase 'serial serendipity.'"


Brenda Hollis
(Subject of profile in
DU Law School Alumni Magazine)


“I am extremely impressed. You did a super job with (the conference report). Everything you said captured very well what transpired. "

  Stephen Kosslyn. PhD,
Harvard University


“The case study looks great. With little to work with you wove together a nice narrative.”


MediaBank Communications


“Bonnie has an excellent eye for language . . . and a sophisticated talent for turning confusing scientific garble into readable, flowing text.”


Chief Editor
Proper English, Ltd

errrry funny. A few weeks ago, Street Smarts asked readers to submit clever   responses from professional writers, whose livelihood depends on the clever use of words.
      Some of our favorites included . . . Bon's Mots, a business, marketing and technical communications company deftly named by owner Bonnie Taher . . .
names of businesses, just to see what sort of guys and gals were lurking out there. The nice thing about these contests is that we get to giggle.
      And now, the envelope please.
                        * * *     
     It may not be a surprise that we received a number of

Updated March 11, 2009